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Drop Zone: Under Fire

Feel the thrill of blasting enemies and dodging obstacles as you free fall towards your jump target. As part of the elite DropZone Team of the Defense Force, your mission is to sky dive through the alien defenses and deliver vital supplies.
Platform: WiiWare
Status: Available
Release Date: Oct 4th 2012
Genre: Action

Heavy Fire: Black Arms

Based on a dangerous campaign in South America in a continuation of the popular WiiWare game Heavy Fire: Special Ops, this game brings players enchanced arcade shooting with stunning graphics and new features.

Platform: WiiWare
Status: Available
Release Date: Mar 7th 2011
Genre: Action/Arcade

Ghost Mania

Ghost Mania is a paranormal puzzle game involving ghosts, mad spirits and a whole bunch of funky game modes for 1-2 players. Inspired by the best "falling block" puzzle games of all time, the concept is simple: catch all the ghosts before it's too late!

Platform: WiiWare
Status: Available
Release Date: Jan 3rd 2011
Genre: Puzzle

Heavy Fire: Special Operations

Join the ranks of the elite special forces and take part in a high-risk operation in the Middle East. Blaze through stages using powerful weapons compatible with the Wii Remote™ and Wii Zapper™.

Platform: WiiWare
Status: Available
Release Date: July 26th 2010
Genre: Action/Arcade

Hubert the Teddy Bear: Winter Games

Enter a frosty wonderland in this special WiiWare™ party game. Outsmart crafty bunnies in 8 winter sports. Play solo or involve the whole family and friends to compete in multi-player!



Platform: PC/WiiWare
Status: Available
Release Date: Feb 8th 2010
Genre: Sports/Family Games