Robots trapped in 45 labyrinths need your logic skills!

Robot Rescue is a fun and original DSiWare™ logic game. Your mission is to free robots trapped in an evil computer labyrinth while avoiding deadly traps. Sound easy? Not so fast! Each robot shares linked controls... so when you move one, you move them all! It will take clever planning and nerves of steel to pull off this electronic escape. You will need to avoid many traps and use special elements.


  • (8/10): "This is, finally, a full and compelling game design offered for just two bucks - and you get a lot for your money. (…) When you look again at the competition available at that same price level on DSiWare, it’s no contest — this is the first real, original game design to arrive at that price point.”.


  • 45 unique stages from 3 levels of difficulty
  • Absorbing and challenging game-play, a cerebral fitness
  • Many traps (mines, electrical circuits, glue stains, teleports, clone machines and more)
  • Simple rules of the puzzle leading to difficult solutions
  • A tutorial explaining all elements of the puzzle
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • DSiWare
  • Available
  • Nov 16th 2009
  • Puzzle
Comic Mischief
You can download this game from the Nintendo DSi Shop™ available on your console.
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Teyon - Robot Rescue
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