Become the legend of John Rambo and get into the violent action!

RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME is a fixed-perspective, first-person shooter & action game allowing players to fill the combat boots of John Rambo on a violent journey through iconic action sequences from the original three legendary Rambo movies.

FIRST BLOOD ™, RAMBO: FIRST BLOOD PART II ™ & RAMBO III ™ will form the basis for authentic Rambo gameplay comprising of shoot-outs, stealth killings, demolition, knife-play and more.

RAMBO ® THE VIDEO GAME leverages contemporary gameplay elements such as destructible terrain, cover-based shooting and rag-doll physics to deliver the high-quality RAMBO action fans around the world expect.

  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • PC/PS3
  • Available
  • Apr 29th 2014
  • Shooter
Blood and Gore
Intense Violence
Strong Language
Teyon - Rambo® The Video Game

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