Travel to the Wild West and turn your fortunes round to become the Governor of Poker!

In the scorching town of San Saba begins your journey to becoming the new Governor of Poker in the ultimate Texas Hold’em Up poker tournament. Build your reputation and riches up to take over the whole state of Texas.

Stroll through over 10 rustic towns and enter numerous saloons to compete in poker tournaments and cash games to win big and buy up priceless real estate! Blow up some steam and bring fellow Texans to their knees as they bust from tournaments with you crowned as Big Stack Bully! The stakes are high so play your cards right and grow your wealth to become the one and only Governor of Poker.


  • Darkain Arts: "If you’re looking for a nice texas hold’em poker game for the 3DS then this is definitely worth your while."
  • eShop Gurus: "This is easily the best Poker game on the eShop"
  • Gert Luch Gaming: "If you are looking for a really good poker game on 3DS with a cheap price point, This is the only game you will need. (...) Cheap, fun and full of content."


  • 2 modes of game play for either quick rounds of poker or dealing your hand for the title of Governor
  • Escape the sweltering heat of the old Wild West and enter saloons for tournaments and cash games to win cash, transport and real estate!
  • Claim over 10 Texan towns and build your reputation as the Governor of Poker!
  • Bust out players to claim all 24 rewards!
  • Show your best poker face and top the online leaderboards!
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  • Genre
  • 3DS/eShop
  • Available
  • Apr 10th 2014
  • Cards/Simulation
Simulated Gambling
ONLY $4.99
Teyon - Governor of Poker
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