Grab spheres, group them and clear the well!

Ball Fighter is a DSiWare™ puzzle game where you take aim and blast groups of dropping spheres to create matches and clear a board. You can make chains to receive additional points or to make a game more difficult for an opponent. Special bonuses like a Brush, a Rocket Launcher or a Bomb can be found on the board. Try also the variety of modes available (Arcade, Survival, Brain Breaker, Player vs CPU) for a Single-player and the unique Multi-player mode played on one Nintendo DSi™ console!


  • Nintendo Life (7/10): "Teyon made an excellent choice by porting Ball Fighter to the DSi. (…) [It is] entertaining puzzle game that would be great no matter how it looks or sounds. (…) the game itself is addictive enough to have you waiting eagerly for your next fix to load. (…) if you’re a fan of puzzle games and you’d like something new to play, definitely give Ball Fighter a shot.”


  • Addictive game-play based on simple and fun rules
  • Special weapons (Rocket Launcher, Brush, Bomb)
  • Many Single-Player modes (Arcade, Survival, Brain Breaker, Player vs CPU)
  • Multi-player on one Nintendo DSi™ device
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • DSiWare
  • Available
  • Dec 7th 2009
  • Puzzle
You can download this game from the Nintendo DSi Shop™ available on your console.
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Teyon - Ball Fighter
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