Over 100 dolphins to adopt, love and play with!

Choose from over 101 baby dolphins or simply adopt them all! Discover their personalities as you feed, clean and care for your new pets. Bring out your pet's talents by training your dolphin in a variety of fun and wacky activities. Enter your dolphin into pet shows and earn money to buy exciting upgrades including toys, food, clothes, accessories and more! The more tricks you teach and the more games you play, the more fun you'll have! You'll never be bored with so many new best friends to pamper, play with and love!


  • Nintendo Life (7/10): "(...) a relaxed, fun and extremely approachable casual pet simulator with simple, entertaining and progressively challenging mini-games"


  • Over 100 baby dolphins to choose
  • A hundred of accessories and upgrades to achieve
  • Pet Show Competitions
  • 3D virtual world
  • Pet customization (breeds, skin tints, gender)
  • 7 mini-games to play with a pet
  • Platform
  • Status
  • Release Date
  • Genre
  • DSiWare
  • Available
  • Jan 31st 2011
  • Simulation
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Teyon - 101 Dolphin Pets

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